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How to lose weight effectively and effortlessly?

If you’re reading this article, then it’s probably because you have previously tried to lose weight by dieting and found that it wasn’t successful. Perhaps you did not lose enough weight, or you found you could not maintain your target weight after you finished dieting. You may have tried to lose weight several times in the past and perhaps followed various ‘speciality diets’, or joined different slimming clubs, and still found that the excess weight returned.

So how can it be possible to lose weight effortlessly?

Well, let me first emphasise that losing weight effortlessly will not require you to begin a new type of ‘miracle diet’.

Calorie-restricting diets don’t work for most people. In fact, the proportion of people who fail on diets has been found to be as high as 95% – 99% (BBC, 2003, Matz and Frankel, 2005). Reviews of studies on the effectiveness of dieting have indicated that it only leads to moderate weight loss at best, and that this loss is usually not maintained on a long term basis (Douketis et al., 2005, Mann et al., 2007). Moreover, when the diet has been completed, between one third and two thirds of all dieters regain more weight than they lost on the diet (Mann et al., 2007).

There are probably many explanations as to why dieting does not offer long-term success for the vast majority of people. Firstly, most people find it difficult to adhere to a calorie-restrictive diet. This might be for a variety of reasons.  For instance, diets involve constraints on what you can and cannot eat in comparison to other people, which may create a sense of inequality and deprivation. Given our natural drive to be treated as equals, it is easy to understand how people ‘rebel’ against the prohibitive ‘rules’ of a diet. Also, ‘fad’ diets that emphasise eating specific foods, such as cabbage or bananas, are not only unhealthy if continued for long periods, but also rapidly lead to diet fatigue (Melina, 2010). Is it any wonder that diets require steely will power?

Secondly, if dieting does lead to weight loss but is the only thing you do, then it is likely that you will only maintain that loss for as long as you stick to the rules of the diet. This brings us back to the first point.

Thirdly, in order to consider a negative action or thought, such as ‘what you cannot do’, you must first think about doing that action. Try it now: ‘don’t think about your left hand’…. Well what happened? So, when telling yourself ‘I cannot eat that chocolate bar’, you must first imagine eating it. This has the effect of setting up an unconscious goal to eat the chocolate bar. As a result, you are now trying to stop yourself from achieving a goal that you have just set! This is why telling a young child not to spill something so often seems to lead to the exact opposite.

The final, and probably most important, reason why diets do not offer long term success for most people, is that they do not address the factors that led you to gain weight in the first place… and that is the key to losing weight effectively and effortlessly.

As you know; if you consume more calories that your body needs then you gain weight. This means that the way to lose weight effectively and effortlessly is to understand what drives you to consistently consume more than you need. Put another way, what roles do eating and drinking play in your life? These roles will obviously vary from person to person. For instance, it might be a habit, a reward, a form of comfort, or a means of coping with something.

Whatever roles that food plays in your life, you can be sure that it is based upon the way that you think. How you think will, in turn, result from your beliefs, values, perceptions and thinking strategies. Once you fully understand how these factors are driving your excessive consumption, then you are in a position to make the changes that will allow you to live more healthily. It is these changes that will make it easier for you to reach, and maintain, your desired weight.

Losing weight effortlessly – and keeping it off – through Hypno-psychotherapy

Hypno-psychotherapy can help you to lose weight more easily, and keep it off. It can allow you to better understand the roles that food and drink have in your life, and the factors that lead you to put on weight. It can then help you to address these factors, and to change the way you think and behave in relation to food and drink. By doing so, you will find adopting a healthy lifestyle easier, and as a result, to effortlessly  reach your weight-loss goal.

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