Stop smoking

Stopping smoking: how can you quit for good?


You’ve decided to stop smoking; to get rid of the habit that, on average, will shorten your life by 10 years (ASH; Smoking statistics Illness and death, 2014).


The question is, “how can you get rid of this habit for good?”

Well, the first thing to realise is that there are a number of factors which may lie behind your smoking habit. Some of these may be apparent, whilst others might be unconscious and, as such, you may be unaware of them. For example:

  • the addictive aspects of nicotine (and how it ‘hijacks and dupes your brain’)
  • the situations that act as triggers for smoking, e.g. after a meal or in the pub
  • psychological factors: smoking might be a means of coping with certain situations or be a defence mechanism
  • your relationship with smoking; for example, is it a way to stand out or to be sociable

Making it easier to stop smoking for good

Clearly, you are more likely to quit the smoking habit for good if you deal with all of the factors that have been supporting it. Many people who try to stop don’t deal with all of these factors, and that may explain why approximately 92% of smokers who attempt to quit end up smoking again (ASH; Nicotine and addiction, 2013).

It is also important to realise that each person is unique, and so the nature of these factors will differ from individual to individual.

For these reasons, we believe in providing hypno-psychotherapy that is tailored to your particular situation and background. This will enable you to identify and address the various factors that have been playing a part in your smoking habit, both conscious and unconscious, so making it easier for you to stop smoking for good.

We believe our approach will:

  • Make it easier for you to quit and take back control from the smoking habit
  • Allow you to go into situations where you previously used to smoke without feeling any desire to smoke
  • Enable you to deal with any psychological factors, so that the smoking habit is no longer necessary
  • Allow you to develop ways to manage your emotions so that you can feel more relaxed (instead of stressed or anxious)
  • Provide you with alternative ways of fulfilling the role that smoking used to play in your life

In a nutshell, this means helping you to stop smoking, and remain free of it.

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